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What is the OnDemand solution?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021


More and more clients wanted to have a preview of the product they are buying before “truly” having and seeing it. This trend can explain the appearance of more and more configurators on automotive or glasses companies’ websites for example, that allows users to configurate their vehicle or glasses via their screen or webcam.  

But what is « On Demand » offer?

OnDemand - Light & Shadows

The development of the OnDemand solutions

The On Demand solution allows web configurators to become more interactive than images carousels because the user is giving the choice to configure his proper product.  The era of vehicles or other products’ carousels to choose the one we like is over.  Now, it is possible to configurate your vehicle by yourself by choosing its characteristics.

On Demand allows images rendering of high quality in the WebGL configurator. The rendering is remotely computerized during configuration and the end user can choose his point of view in the WebGL configurator. With this manner, it is possible to see his vehicle from all angles, e.g. from above and/or from the side. These configurators generally work on browser-based devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Client's vision

The automotive configurators that are numerous nowadays, allows clients to visualize their vehicle with or without any options, with the colour they have chosen and with the available and interchangeable materials sometimes. In fact, they create a car On Demand, personalized, that will be unique.


Different techniques are used now in order to make any type of product or process transportable and affordable for every worker.

This On Demand fits in the MPMU offer ; multiplatforms, multiuses; that Light and Shadows offers. We put into place a new solution:  the MPMU – Multi platforms Multi uses – based on the ATAWADAC model that means anytime, anywhere, on any device, and any content. By developing this process, we wanted to answer the needs of numerous companies to spread content, everywhere, everything on every device – smartphone, pc, etc. We try, every day, to offer various solutions in order to answer our users’ needs in terms of visualization means. We put our skills and knowledge at the service of our customers in order to offer them the best for their (future) projects.

_____________ Light & Shadows believes in the potential 3D technologies. We strive to better meet the needs of each of our customers, in order to provide them with a memorable virtual experience for both them and their customer.

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