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Make mistakes while it cost you less

Discover our plug-in for Unity

Interact combines the technologies of :

PIXYZ, a 3D data preparation tool


XDE, a physical engine  developed by CEA List which allows extremely precise simulations of physics.

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What can you do with INTERACT ?

Import - Physicalise - Scenarize - Deploy - Collaborate

Interact enables you to easily import your data and to physicalize them to interact with a scenario of your creation. You can customize your environment, your avatar, and your situation to make it displayable in a huge number of devices (VIVE, Oculus, Windows compatible Head Mounted Displays/HMD, on your desktop or in a CAVE) and using a lot of accessories (including Leap Motion, GoTouchVR, Body tracking suit ART or LS GROUP (ex Light And Shadows) XR Tracking Suit). Create your XRactions (interactions for XR / Extended Reality) and share them with your colleagues thanks to our collaborative mode.

Interact allows an easier design process, facilitates ergonomics evaluation, gives you access to a large industrial library (ready to use pre-programmed and programmable robots models, conveyors, command panels).


Plug-in for Unity


Make mistakes while it cost you less


INTERACT, customize your industrial process

Interact is a Unity toolbox accessible to everyone for creating advanced VR applications directly from your 3D data/CAD scan models. Its high accuracy physics engine provides complex simulations, including detection of rigid and flexible body collisions on CAD/PointCloud, ergonomic analysis, pointcloud visualization, on any VR configuration.

Interact is the only platform able to import extremely large PointCloud files (billions of points).

We recommend this product for advanced user as some basics in Unity Development might be sometimes useful.

Interact is the key software in the center of the XR Suite as an open platform on Unity. If you need to go deeper in terms of operational functionalities it is fully possible thanks to the opportunities of the 3D engine and the resources you may find either as a Unity developer or using the community of developers.


Some usecases of Interact

  • Prevention: Interact allows companies to test their factories developments before actually implementing them, thus sparing time and money by trying as many scenarios as they want. Another use example can be the ergonomics evaluation, allowing visualisation and modification of the workstations before their installation.

  • Training: Interact lets you create complex training scenarios (for example assembly / disassembly of complex parts) and allows the trainer to show movements or actions in VR he wants his trainee to do next. Using XR as a training tool improves the results in terms of training efficiency, cost savings, and productivity. You can bring your training center to your people, and start training before the factories or workplaces even exist.

You wish to share your newly created Interact scene with another stakeholder of your project ? You are just interested in being able to play and review Interact made applications ?

We created a specific tool in the XR Suite to that end: Publisher. Contact us for more info !


Plugin for Unity

INTERACT as a plug-in for Unity is very easy to handle, A training with us, and you will be ready to create your scenarios on your own !


Field of opportunities,

Numerous Uses

Product review, collaborative design, ergonomics analysis, set-up or scenario validation, simple visualization, training, prevention... The field of opportunities of INTERACT has no limit but your creativity !

Top of the edge Physics Engine

Developed by the CEA, XDE physics engine has fully (and exclusively) found its place inside INTERACT (and the other tools of the XR Suite) allowing the animation of very complex scenes, collision detection and precise physics simulation.

Need help with Interact?


Easily access our online documentation to ensure a smooth installation and to provide guidance if you encounter any problems.

Video tutorials

Check out our playlist of "First Steps Series" tutorials that should help you get started with INTERACT!

Our clients talked about us


“As part of the project of a new production line for the TGV 2020, we are using INTERACT for 4 months already. From a price/performance ratio point of view, the INTERACT solution is currently one of the best available on the market.”

Guillaume REUX,
Innovation Coordinator

March 2019

ENISE Engineering School

“At Enise, we are using INTERACT for about 1 year: the integration/import of CAD files for interactive project reviews has never been so easy! It is a powerful tool that allows us to meet emerging and ambitious demands.”

Jonathan PASCAL,
Virtual Reality Research Engineer

March 2019


License Creator
7 500 €* / Year
Per computer
License Creator
15 000 €* / Year
Per token

¹ Node-locked: Our licenses includes the price per year and per machine.​

² Floating: If you desire greater freedom to use Interact on several workstations at once. It requires the installation of a license server which implies direct access to IT services and a direct contact at our customers' premises.

**Unity and PiXYZ are not inclued in the price

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