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Experience your PointCloud

DISCOVER the new application XR PointCloud!

A standalone application for visualizing and interacting with your PointCloud.

XR PointCloud uses the technology of :


XDE, a physical engine developed by CEA List which allows extremely precise simulations of physics.

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What can you do with this Tool ?

Import - Insert - Simulate - Report

In XR PointCloud, you have access to few tools in order to interact with your PointCloud: screenshot, measure, cutting plane, teleportation, annotations, multi-user collaboration.



your PointCloud



Head in your PointCloud

XR PointCloud is a standalone application (non-customizable) which allows to visualize and interact with your Pointcloud files in Virtual Reality (VR). This application is available alone or within the XR TWIN application.

This application allows you to import your PointCloud data, insert it in one of our several available environments and then, prepare your simulation. You can simulate your scene to see if modifications are required.

XR PointCloud is the only application in the world that enables you to visualize and interact with a pointcloud with more than 5 billions points in a VR headset !


What is a PointCloud ?

A Pointcloud is a set of data points in three dimensions coordinate system. These points are defined by their x, y, z coordinates in general and are used to represent the face of an object.

How many did you say ?

5 000 000 000+ points.

That is the number of points that are supported by XR POINTCLOUD. Go ahead and check it out for yourself !

XR PointCloud's

supported formats

  • E57

  • LAS

  • PTS

  • PTX

  • XYZ

The only software in the world that allows you to visualize 5B+ points PointClouds !

An exclusivity of the XR Suite !

Jordane Richter,

Sales & Marketing Director at LS GROUP

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1 000 € / Year
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