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Simplicity for Your Reality

DISCOVER the new application XR Twin:

A standalone application for interacting and visualizing your Virtual Reality scenarios.

XR Twin use the technologie of :


XDE, a physical engine developed by CEA List which allows extremely precise simulations of physics.

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This application works in a Plug & Play fashion.

What can you do with XR Twin ?

Import - Prepare your files - Simulate - Report

In XR Twin you have access to ergonomics evaluation and Point cloud importation.

We are the only one to allow an importation of large PointCloud files – until 5 BILLION points!


Simplicity for

Your Reality

XR Twin, An Easier Way To Create VR

XR Twin is a standalone application (non-customizable) which allows you to visualize and interact with your 3D CAD models in Virtual Reality (VR). The application is Plug & Play : download the software and you can start using it instantly!

XR Twin allows you to prepare your simulation by importing the files you need. It can be 3D CAD models or PointCloud files. You can, then, simulate your scene, elaborate scenarios and even operate ergonomics evaluation using a cotation table simultaneously. It enables you to check, at the same time, the avatar movements and its ergonomics analysis.

You can even Replay your scene, thing you cannot do in another VR applications. Other uses include building training scenario, product and design review, and much more.

You wish to share your newly created XR Twin scene with another stakeholder of your project ? You are just interested in being able to play and review XR Twin made applications ?

We created a specific tool in the XR Suite to that end : Publisher. Contact us for more info !

Quick to master

XR Twin is an easy and quick to master software which allows, even novices, to interact with their 3D/CAD models. It is accessible for everybody.

Simple but Complete

XR Twin is a complete software giving you access to predefined environments, kinematic constraints, collision, joints, industrial library and a large panel of assets. It only supports VR HMDs.

The Cream of The Crop: XDE

The XDE physics engine allows the simulation of extremely precise physics, and thus the animation of complex scenes. Simulate physics laws and behaviours, collision, dynamics and joints in your scene.

The following video shows a concrete example of a realization done with XR TWIN. In collaboration with Renault and the CEA, this use case illustrates the assembly ranges and maintenance issues for the Twizzy product and what can be done with our tool.


Interact’s little brother brings your XR simulations to life even quicker and easier. Prepare your scenario, launch XR Twin and go !

Antoine Lasnier,



Note: Our licenses includes the price per year and per machine (Node-locked license).

But if you desire greater freedom to use XR Twin on several workstations at once (at least 5), we have a floating license (11 000 € / year). The floating license requires the installation of a license server which implies direct access to IT services and a direct contact at our customers' premises.

License Nodelock
5 500 € / Year
Licence Floating
11 000 € / Year
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