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No Paint, More Gain

A standalone application for training and evaluating your Virtual and Real abilities in industrial painting.

This application was developed in order to recruit and/or train industrial painters in a short amount of time and in a cost efficiency ambition (sparing paint and material).

What you can do with XR Paint ?

Train - Evaluate - Test

XR PAINT allows you to create painting simulation scenes by considering the following parameters: speed, paint thickness, angle, precision, etc. The aim is to use Virtual Reality (VR) to validate the candidate’s or trainee’s gestures and techniques.

Our goal was to provide an experience more than immersive: realistic !  

Paint to Infinity (and beyond!)

XR PAINT is an VR (Virtual Reality) application allowing you to simulate a scenario where the goal is to paint an object. At your disposal, few tools: few models to paint on, reset to zero button, show trajectories option, heatmap of the paint thickness, etc.

XR PAINT offers:

  • A gain of time: no need to test the person in real conditions thanks to VR (Virtual Reality).

  • A gain of material and paint: you don’t have to waste material and paint a test.

  • A gain of productivity: Evaluate and test a huge number of people in a short amount of time, and bring your recruitment or training tool everywhere with you!

We offer you the opportunity to use our XR Paint Kit : either a generic paint gun paired with a HTC Vive™ Controller or we use your own painting gun and customize it the same way. Haptic feedback, vibrations, sound, we include every sensation to make the experience as close as possible to the reality and to allow a complete immersion.

You need specific models adapted to your business to paint on in the application ? We can import your own data into the app, so your employee / applicant can paint on your specific products ! Check out our data client plan !

XR PAINT offers also multilingual support with an interface in Arabic, English, French and German.

Spend less,

Spare more

XR PAINT brings a new solution to long processes as training or recruiting professionals. You spend less paint and less materials that were supposed to be used during your process.

New Opportunities, New Future

XR PAINT allows companies to train and recruit people without having to pay for a long process, for a trainer or recruiter.

Never alone,

Always supported

XR PAINT is also available with a VR Paint kit composed of two tripods, two bases stations, a computer, the VR (Virtual Reality) Paint Gun (paint gun, the controller), the system of effort return controller cable, the Headset and its cables.

XR Paint has a very high Return On Investment rate. You train your employees, and you spare paint and material at the same time!

Mathieu Guibert,

XR Paint creator at LS GROUP


13 400 € / Year
Associated Hardware
xrpaint (1).png
4 000 € / Year
xrpaint (1).png
6 000 € / Year
xrpaint (1).png

No Paint,

More Gain


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