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Press Release – Light & Shadows launches its new Unity plugin designed for point clouds: Stipple

Suresnes, April 7, 2021

Light & Shadows, the agency of experts in immersive and mixed reality solutions (VR/AR/MR/XR) is proud to release its new application, based on Unity, dedicated to point cloud files: Stipple.

The point cloud gets bigger

With the democratization of 3D scanning technologies, industries and construction companies are eager for solutions to verify and validate the digital model of a project. This digitization can result in a 3D data format called point cloud. A point cloud is a set of data points in a three-dimensional coordinate system. These points are usually defined by x, y and z coordinates and capture the shape of an object or building.

Nowadays, these industries need a powerful and efficient solution to visualize and exploit 3D scans in simulation software. Indeed, this is massive data that requires advanced infrastructures and techniques for rendering, editing and comparison.

Stipple : the tool designed for point clouds

In response to this new challenge, Light & Shadows in partnership with CEA, created Stipple, a powerful tool for point cloud visualization and editing. This plugin developed for the Unity platform is integrated to an ecosystem of applications for industrialists and allows the creation of specialized business applications in this tool. With Stipple, interaction with very large point cloud files, even an almost unlimited number of points, became possible: Thanks to a complex algorithm, Stipple takes care of the import and the data optimization to load any view in a few milliseconds! The solution enables industries to push the boundaries of 3D scanning through five pillars:

  • The import of point clouds

  • The unlimited visualization of point clouds

  • The editing of point clouds

  • The use of the strength of the Unity platform to create its own application including point clouds.

  • The comparison between BIM/CAD models and 3D scan to follow the motto “As-designed vs As-built”.

Various point cloud formats are supported in Stipple such as .e57, .ptx and .pts, ensuring compatibility with most laser scanners in the industry. The integration with the Unity platform allows you to build your own application, for example using the camera animation or virtual reality visualization capabilities. So far, a few features have been released, but the team in charge of Stipple at Light & Shadows continues to work on developing new tools to improve the experience with the software!

It’s as simple as that (and as Stipple as that).

About Light & Shadows.

Light & Shadows is a company founded in 2009 by Stéphane Imbert. It proposes to accompany the various actors of the industry in the development of projects in augmented, virtual or mixed reality on various uses such as training, design, conception, logistic simulation, marketing or product promotion.

With successful collaborations with major clients such as ArcelorMittal, Airbus Group, Alstom, Chanel, Dassault Aviation, Haulotte, Renault, Saint Gobain or Vinci, Light & Shadows has quickly become a leader in its market and in its field.

If you have an idea of a future project for you or wish to have more information, do not hesitate to contact us at

Press Contact

Jordane RICHTER, Sales and Marketing Manager

22 Quai Gallieni, 92150 Suresnes


Light & Shadows



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